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[EN] VTC.World rules

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1. Terms and definitions


1.1. VTCW Administration  Users with various powers to manage and maintain order on VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting. VTCW Administration includes a circle of people from the top staff of VTCW (Developers, Project Managers and Team Leaders).

1.2. VTCW employee  Users who perform the duties of functioning and maintain order on VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting.

1.3. Developer  a specialist responsible for the development of software and maintaining it in working condition.
1.4. Project Manager, 
Vice Project Manager  employee of the VTCW Administration of the highest level, responsible for the operation of VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting, as well as for the recruitment and coordination of its work.

1.5. Team Leader — employee of the VTCW Administration who carries out the overall management of the unit entrusted to him.
1.6. Moderator 
 VTCW employee, responsible for the procedure and observance of the VTCW Rules.

1.7. Technical support (Support)  VTCW employee, who assists in resolving issues with VTC.World Resources.
1.8. The organizer (Event Team) 
 VTCW employee, who is responsible for organizing and conducting various public events, approving and publishing VTC public events, convoys and competitions and having the corresponding privileges on VTC.World Resources.
1.9. Media 
 VTCW employee, responsible for the creation and publication of various content on VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting.
1.10. Corrector 
 VTCW employee, responsible for preparing, spelling and correcting documents, language resources, information materials, photo and video materials before publication on VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting.
1.11. Translator 
 VTCW employee, who translates documents, rules, information sections in all VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting.
1.12. Beta tester 
  VTCW employee, who performs a software health test (VTCW client) before its release in the public domain.
1.13. The VTC.World Resources (previously and hereinafter referred to as VTCW) include: VTC.World software (VTCW client), Website, VTC.World Control Panel (CP), Forum, VTC.Word Official Discord, all functioning as of the date of the User's familiarization with these rules, and put into operation during the entire period of validity of VTC.World Resources.
1.14. VTC.World Resource User 
 an individual registered on the VTC.World Resource, following these Rules and having the corresponding powers, duties and responsibilities (previously and hereinafter referred to as the User).
1.15. Streamer 
 VTCW User, registered in the prescribed manner, conducting online broadcasts of their trips in the TruckersMP multiplayer, with or without a VTCW profile. The number of subscribers should be at least 2500 (two and a half thousand) in total for all streaming services.
1.16. Patron/Sponsor  VTCW User, providing financial support to the VTC.World Project (PatreonSponsr), and depending on the Patron/Sponsor level, receiving: Patronage of information in his profile, Patron/Sponsor role in Discord VTC.World, Special channels for patrons in Discord VTC.World, access to the placement of vehicles, ability to reset your VTC.World profile once a month (start over), distribute cargo to friends in the absence of a positive reputation and rating. The list of offered bonuses will change and expand over time. Learn more about it here Financial support of the project (Patreon, Sponsr)
1.17. Virtual Transport Company (previously and hereinafter
 VTC)  the community of users with common interests, united under one name, logo and/or tag, and registered following the VTC.World Rules.
1.18. VTC Administration 
 Users who are members of the VTC management team, identified as part of the VTCW, as the Head of VTC and Deputy head of VTC, for interaction between the VTCW Administration and the VTC, other users and those responsible for complying with the VTCW Rules within its VTC.
1.19. Head of VTC 
 User recognized by the Company (VTC) and the VTCW Administration as the VTC Leader registered in an established manner.
1.20. Deputy Head of VTC (max. 2) 
 User specified by the VTC Leader as his deputy and indicated in the list of employees of this VTC registered in an established manner.
1.21. VTC Logistician (max. 2) 
 User specified by the Head of VTC as the Logist of VTC and indicated in the list of employees of this VTC registered in an established manner.
1.22. VTC Driver 
 User officially assigned to a specific VTC, registered in the prescribed manner and accepted into the Company by the VTC Head or his Deputies and indicated in the list of employees of this VTC.
1.23. The author of an event 
 VTCW User who has access to the Event Management function in VTC.World and is the initiator of an event.

1.24. Сommunity  a group of people united by common interests in the TruckersMP multiplayer. The community can be forums and portals registered and operating for more than one year at the time of application submission, which does not provide a service for maintaining delivery statistics, organizing events and/or other functions provided by VTC.World, acting only as an information aggregator, uniting thematically players excluding TruckersMP.
1.25. Event 
 organized cultural and entertainment and/or entertainment activity (convoys, competitions and other planned events) held on TruckersMP servers, regardless of the number of participants, and officially approved by the VTCW Administration.
1.26. Convoy 
 organized event for the delivery of goods in the vast multiplayer TruckersMP.
1.27. Closed convoy — a convoy organized by the VTCW Administration from the VTC.World portal, and marked "Closed Convoy".
1.28. Third-party resources  any resources that are not directly related to VTC.World, TruckersMP, ATS, ETS2 and VTC, registered in the prescribed manner.


2. Registration on the portal and account


2.1. VTC.World  created for Users who are interested in games: American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 and aimed exclusively at TruckersMP multiplayer. The project is in Open Beta testing and is provided as-is.

2.2. The VTCW Administration provides you access to use all VTC.World Resources on the terms that are the subject of these Rules of have of VTC.World Resources.

In this regard, by registering on the VTC.World portal, you agree to comply with the following: RulesAgreement on the use of game profile VTC.WorldTerms of serviceAgreement to the processing of personal dataPrivacy agreement, End User License Agreement (EULA).

2.3. You, as the User of VTC.World Resources, are fully responsible for your actions when using the VTC.World Resources, as well as for the information posted on them.

2.4. You are solely responsible for your Account. When these Rules are violated, the Account that violated them is punished, regardless of who used your Account at that time.

2.5. To be able to download the VTCW client, you need to register in your VTCW Account at https://vtc.world/cp

2.6. To register, you must link your account to your Steam account.
2.7. A message containing a confirmation code will be sent to the electronic mailbox you specified during the registration process.


* Learn more about installing the VTC.World client.


3. Nicknames, tags, user images (avatars), user statuses and signatures on the VTC.World Resources


3.1. The VTCW employee may require a User to change their nickname, tag, image, user status, or signature if they find it unacceptable or offensive. Any nicknames, tags, images, user statuses, signatures that do not correspond to the points indicated below may be deleted without prior notice or warning.
3.2. Nicknames, tags, user statuses, signatures should carry a semantic load, contain only alphanumeric characters and have a Latin or Cyrillic font. Nicknames must contain at least 3 (three) letters.

3.3. Nicknames, tags, user statuses and signatures are prohibited:
 any types created by holding down a button, consisting of or containing a meaningless set of letters, spaces (or characters), for example: "___ MyNickname___", "ffffffffg", "dfghjoprugnkel", "ghghghghg", "aaaaaaaa", "nicknameeeeeeeeeeeeeee", "uuuuuuuu 11 ... "," ♥♥ ☺ ♣ ♥ ♫ "and similar in any language  kick/ban;

 containing combinable characters (Zalgo Text) or text encoding that change the size of your nickname, tag, or status  kick/ban;
— any types like “Admin”, “Moderator” and any others that may imply the user's affiliation to the VTCW Administration in any language  ban;
 any types matching the nicknames of VTC.World employees  ban;

 containing profanity, NSFW content, insults and/or their veiled analogy and the like in any language  ban

— containing religious, political names and/or symbols, links, advertising of third-party resources, promotion of drugs, obscenity, piracy, names and/or symbols of terrorist or any other prohibited organizations, calls to violence/extremism and similar in any language  ban;
 any types that contain the names of politicians, both living and deceased in any language  kick/ban;
 containing tags that repeat or suggest a relationship to a certain VTC on the VTC.World Resources while not actually having any relation to this certain VTC  ban;
 any types that contain line breaks  kick/ban.
You can upload image size minimum of 240x240 pixels as an avatar.

3.5. Images, emblems, symbols and insignias are prohibited:

 blinking GIF files (there should be no excessive flickering, flashing, or sharp color changes) or similar animations. Smooth GIF animations are allowed.

 containing profanity, insults and/or their veiled analogy and the like in any language  ban;

 containing pornography, NSFW content, religious, political names and/or symbols, links, advertising third-party resources, drug propaganda, indecent behaviour, piracy, the name and/or symbols of terrorist or any other prohibited organizations, calls for violence/extremism and similar in any language  ban;

 any types that contain the images of politicians, both living and deceased  kick/ban;

 any types matching the images of VTC.World employees  ban;

— containing images and symbols that repeat or suggest a relationship to a certain VTC on the VTC.World Resources while not actually having any relation to this certain VTC  ban.

3.6. User statuses and signatures containing links to personal accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting are allowed.


4. Rules for posting on VTC.World Resources


4.1. The official languages are Russian and English.

4.2. In English-language topics, the discussion should be conducted exclusively in English. This is done to create a friendly environment for those who do not speak Russian.

4.3. Prohibited in any form (signature, text, image, link):
 profanity, insults and/or their veiled analogy, disrespectful and/or aggression towards other Users, including in connection with their nationality, religion, beliefs, gender, political statements, pornography, NSFW content, drug propaganda and obscene behaviour advertising any third-party resources, calls for violence, and similar in any language;
 publications about the trade/sale of goods, profiles or services, announcements on the collection of funds for any needs (for example, services requiring payment of a subscription, servers, gambling sites, donations, etc.). This rule does not apply to publications posted or approved by the VTCW Administration.

4.3.3.  posting information on methods of violating the law, including on non-licensed (pirated) software;

4.3.4.  impersonating of the VTCW employee;

4.3.5.  any discussion of VTCW rules, VTCW updates, of the actions/omissions taken by VTCW employees, the demand to punish/not anyone, demanding for a reason for the restriction and/or proof, including third parties  and the like. If something is not explicitly stated in the rules, it does not mean that VTCW employees are not going to use their own discretion and experience. 
 publication, disclosure of personal information about users, for example, phone numbers, address data, emails and similar;
 duplication or creation of topics that are similar in name or meaning to existing ones, as well as those with the names "Help" and the like, which do not carry information about their contents;
the publication of messages that are not related to the topic, as well as meaningless or monotonous messages to raise the topic (spam);

4.3.9.  use of a font size different from the default one (14), as well as excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS, bold or colour font (red colour is allowed only to representatives of the VTCW Administration);

4.3.10.  publication of videos without the use of a spoiler. All videos must be moved under the spoiler, applies only to the forum; 

4.3.11.  publication of screenshots and photos without using a spoiler, except for the first message in the subject. All photo images, except the first message in the subject, should be moved under the spoiler, applies only to the forum; 

4.3.12.  blinking GIF-files (there should not be excessive flickering, blinking, abrupt change of colours) or similar animations as a publication, avatar or profile background. Smooth GIFs allowed.

4.3.13.  discussions about methods of obtaining and publishing links to unlicensed, copyright-infringing software and content, including media content.
4.3.14.  providing links to third-party software products, mods and plugins that are unsupported or prohibited in the TruckersMP multiplayer and/or for single-player games (ATS and ETS2). 

4.3.15.  publication of log-files and similar text content without the use of a spoiler (Log-files must be uploaded to hostings and only provide links to them).

4.3.16.  any discussion of bans/kicks/penalties issued in TruckersMP multiplayer and the discussion of the work of TruckersMP Game Moderators. If you want to appeal your ban, you can do so here: Appeals. If you want to complain about the actions of the Game Moderator or do not agree with their decision, submit an appeal here: Feedback

4.4. In the "Events" section, the creation of topics is allowed only to the Organizers and Authors of events. For all questions related to this section, contact the VTCW Organizers.

4.5. If you have any questions or feedback, create a forum topic or post in Discord VTC.World, and do not write personal messages to VTCW staff. Abuses of personal messages to VTCW employees may lead to a restriction of access to VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts in social networks, online services and video hosting or ban (temporary or permanent). 

4.6. If you have any suggestions, you can create an appropriate topic on the forum, and not write messages in general topics/chats, where this information will be lost. 

4.7. It is prohibited to mention both VTCW staff and users, including pinging them without any messages, unless absolutely necessary. 


5. Responsibility and limitations of Users


5.1. In case of violation of these Rules, the VTCW employee may issue a warning. A warning can be issued to the User directly in the subject/chat or by sending him a personal message, or in the form of a warning restriction (mute/kick). In case of repeated violation and/or ignoring of warnings of the VTCW employee, measures will be taken to restrict the access of the violator to the VTC.World Resources (mute/kick/ban/permanent ban), depending on the history of previous violations and the severity of the offence.
5.2. Failure to comply with the VTC.World Software License Agreement (VTCW Client) entails a permanent ban on all VTC.World Resources.

5.3. Unauthorized modification of game or server code (cheats, hacks), use of CheatEngine, ArtMoney and/or similar software, trainers, other hacking, use of a Product defect (exploits, bugs), use or attempts to use software to automate gameplay (bots, mods) or the use of unauthorized third-party software aimed at changing or interfering with the VTC.World software (VTCW Client)  is equivalent to a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA). For this, a permanent ban is provided on all VTC.World Resources. All your accesses will be blocked without any prior warning.

5.4. If you get a ban (temporary or permanent) in TruckersMP, all your accesses to the VTC.World Resources will also be blocked (temporarily or permanently).

5.5. The VTCW Administration reserves the right to refuse access to the VTC.World Resources to any User without any prior warning or indicating the reasons.

5.6. Mute/Kick/Ban Evading  accessing VTC.World Resources through another device, under a different identifier or other workarounds, while a mute/kick/ban is applied to the User  a permanent ban. Issuing a ban to subsequent accounts, both the main account and all used for login, may be applied without warning. 

5.7. Violation of the requirements of Section 3 of these Rules  mute/kick/ban/permanent ban.
5.8. Violation of the requirements of Section 4 of these Rules
 mute/kick/ban/permanent ban.

5.9. Any topic that does not meet the requirements of Section 4 of these Rules may be deleted, and the User who committed the violation will be punished (mute/kick/ban/permanent ban).

5.10. Any VTC that does not meet the requirements of Section 6 of these Rules can be closed/deleted, and the users who created it are limited in their ability to create a new and/or applied a kick/ban.

5.11. Profanity, insults and/or their veiled analogy, trolling, provocations, disrespect and/or aggression towards other Users and similar in any language  mute/kick/ban/permanent ban.
5.12. Inciting ethnic hatred, religious or political conflicts, manifestations of racism and similar
 ban/permanent ban.

5.13. Trolling, provocations, insults to the Employees, the Administration and/or the entire VTCW Project as a whole on all VTC.World Resources, official VTCW accounts, in social networks, online services and video hosting, as well as on the TruckersMP forum, in the games Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator (in text or voice chat) and similar in any language  ban/permanent ban.
5.14. Violation of the requirements of Section 8 of these Rules, spam in the channel, broadcasting music live, extraneous sounds and similar
 mute/kick/ban/permanent ban.

5.15. Stream broadcasting and disclosure of event information marked "Closed convoy"  ban.

5.16. If the VTCW employee issues a warning, you must stop. Just because something is not explicitly stated in the rules, it does not mean that VTCW employees are not going to use their own discretion and experience. 

5.17. Toxic behavior - a provocative attitude to the generally accepted moral and ethical norms of the community, manifested in the deliberate creation of discomfort to the participants of communication  mute/kick/ban/permanent ban

5.18. The VTCW Administration is not responsible for the personal beliefs and statements of individual VTCW Employees. The official position of the VTCW Administration may differ from the position of individual Users and VTCW Employees.

5.19. If you have a well-grounded complaint (with evidence) about a VTCW employee, please contact the Team Leader through personal messages. 

5.20. If you are banned, you can create an appeal in a special section of the forum. Kick and mute is not considered by the VTCW Administration, since this is a temporary restriction and is removed automatically. 

5.21. Using VTC.World Resources to post any personal information of third parties  mute/kick/ban/permanent ban.
5.22. Using VTC.World Resources or its parts for commercial purposes without the written consent of the Developer and the conclusion of a separate agreement for commercial use  ban/permanent ban.
5.23. Using VTC.World Resources to transmit unauthorized information, including, but not limited to, non-informative letters, junk mail, letters, spam and any materials that contribute to malware, spyware and downloadable items  ban/permanent ban.
5.24. Using, promotion, creating or maintaining any unauthorized connections to VTC.World Resources, including, without limitation, any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates or attempts to emulate any part of the Resources and / or VTC.World servers, or connection using programs , Specialized tools, software, unapproved by the Developer  ban/permanent ban.

5.25. Organize, assist or participate in any type of attack, including, without limitation, the spread of viruses, attacks aimed at denial of service to the Resources or servers of the VTC.World project, and other attempts to disrupt the provision of the Services  ban/permanent ban.


6. Rules for the creation and functioning of VTC 


VTC.World does not currently support functionality for VTC. But at present, developments are on their way in this direction.

Now the VTCW Administration can only provide the opportunity to create closed (internal) and open (for all users) events to the Head of VTC, Deputies Head of VTC and VTC Logisticians. Additionally (if necessary), a closed VTC subsection on our forum  can be provided. Learn more about registering VTC on VTCW Resources.


6.1. Each VTC can create a separate open topic, which should comply with the requirements of Section 6 of these Rules.

6.2. The author of the topic can only be the Head of VTC.

6.3. To create a VTC, at least 5 (five) users registered in the VTC.World Control Panel (CP) as part of the VTC are required.
6.4. Each VTC registered on the VTCW Resources, in the prescribed manner, must be registered at TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/vtc. In its open topic, VTC should provide a direct open link to the list of employees on TruckersMP, which includes at least 5 people.

6.5. Each VTC registered on VTCW Resources, in the prescribed manner, must have a name, description, internal rules of the Company and a list of employees (a direct link to the list), where each employee should have a direct link to their VTC.World profile.

6.6. The name of the new VTC, its logo, tag and Rules cannot coincide or be similar to those already existing on the VTC.World Resources, and must also comply with the requirements of the Rules for posting (Section 4 of these Rules).
6.7. In the VTC Administration, there can be no more than 1 (one) Head of VTC and more than 2 (two) Deputies Head of VTC.

6.8. Each VTC can have VTC Logisticians (no more than 2), indicated by the Head of the VTC, who is on the list of employees of this VTC.

6.9. The head of any VTC, has provided convincing evidence, can appeal to the VTCW Administration with a request to remove another VTC if it considers that its name, tag, logo or Rules violate its copyrights.

6.10. VTCW users cannot be members of more than one VTC.

6.11. If the design of the topic of the VTC does not correspond to the above points, the author is given 7 (seven) calendar days to eliminate the shortcomings. After this period, the VTCW Administration has the right to delete topics that are not fixed following these Rules.

6.12. The head of VTC can create a separate closed VTC subsection.

6.13. The administration of VTC is obliged to familiarize its employees with these Rules.

6.14. The VTCW Administration may delete/refuse to register VTC if it considers the information provided about the Company and/or VTС employee to be inaccurate, the page (group) of the Company/VTС employee is empty, fake or inactive for a long time, and also if the VTCW Administration has documentary (photo, video) evidence of the inadequacy of the involved people or the company as a whole (Trolling, provocations, insults, Toxic behavior and similar).

6.15. Any VTC registered on VTC.World Resources, in the prescribed manner, has the right to organize a public event, and the VTCW Administration is obliged to provide technical and informational support in its conduct, including providing it with a subchannel in the "#Event's" section of the VTC.Word Official Discord. A public event cannot be held without the approval of the VTCW Organizers. To coordinate and approve the planned event, the administration of VTC should contact the VTCW Organizers.


* The procedure for issuing roles for VTC Employees on VTC.World Resources. After confirming the topic on the forum, the topic author is given the Roles of the Head of the VTC on: the forum, VTC.World Control Panel (CP) and if Discord is attached, then in Discord. If a topic author does not have Discord associated with a VTCW account and/or is not registered with Discord VTC.World, such a Role is not issued (can be issued later upon request). Roles Deputies Head of VTC and VTC Logisticians are issued only at official request of the Head of VTC in a special chat on the VTC.World Discord (VTC CEO/VICE -> general chat).


7. Rules for creating events using VTC.World Resources


7.1. All VTC.World Resource Users, when creating and participating in events, must strictly observe the traffic rules, these Rules and TruckersMP Rules. The author of the event is a member of the VTC. World project. The rules are the same for all its members, regardless of their rank, merit and status in society.

7.2. Organize and conduct Events can - Event Authors (previously and further - the Author) :

 Events from VTCW - Organizers of VTCW (Event Team);

 Events of VTC - Heads of VTC, their Deputies and VTC Logisticians;

 Community Events - Community representatives (no more than two people);

 A convoy with subscribers - Streamer registered in the prescribed manner, the author of the online broadcast.

7.3. The event author must:

 comply with traffic rules, TruckersMP and VTC.World project rules, incl. Discord VTC.World server (in case of voice communication is provided based on Discord VTC.World server);

 in cases of impossibility to fulfil their duties, notify the team of VTC.World organizers about this;

 be professional and considerate of each user, regardless of the situation or provocation by other players;

 stop quarrels and excessive spam during events;

 check spelling, speech style, correctly format the text to guarantee the quality of design;

 check compliance of the description of the Event with the requirements of the Rules for the publication of messages (Section 4 of these Rules);

 in case of questions, doubts, contact the VTCW Organizers or the Project Manager.

7.4. The event author is prohibited to:

 create events for other Authors and/or for other VTC;

 to be rude and foul-mouthed;

 use their position and granted rights for selfish and personal purposes;

 violate the VTC.World and TruckersMP Project Rules;

 incite hatred and bullying of other participants.

7.5. The author of the event and the Host of the event equally bear personal responsibility for observing the established procedure for holding events, TruckersMP rules and VTC.World rules by the participants of the event. In case of violations, the VTCW Administration reserves the right to take action against violators, up to and including blocking the VTC.World account, temporary or permanent.

7.6. The order of registration of the event:

7.6.1. For the event, the Author draws up a new event through the "Event Management" in VTC.World no later than three days before the expected date and time of its holding. Closed VTC events can be arranged without approval on the day of the event.
7.6.2. In the event form, the necessary data is filled in, after which the event is sent for approval. When registering an event, HTTPS links can be used:

 to the resources of Steam, YouTube and TruckersMP;

 Invitation links to Discord and/or TeamSpeak3;

 Direct links to image files hosted on Steam and/or photo hosting services.

7.6.3. In preparation for events for publication, the Event Author must:

 check the location of the truck and trailer relative to the textures of buildings and other static objects, taking into account the different lengths of trucks and trailers. The free space to the nearest textures should be at least the length of the truck body and half the body in width;

 check the availability of the route at boot (even if the "No route" option is enabled) and its link to the route;

 check the place of unloading and ensure safe unloading for the participants in the event;

— a screenshot of the route, trailer, should be readable and visually understandable. Images should have clear and understandable content; 

— if a screenshot of the semitrailer/coupling is specified, then the semitrailer/coupling in the screenshot must correspond to what will be issued at the event;  

— in the description and/or regulations of the event, enter information about difficult road sections and subsequent detours of these roads, difficult places of departure, rest and unloading, including the absence of "NO COLLISION ZONE" ; 

— in the description and/or regulations of the event, enter information about open thematic convoys, the topic should be clearly defined by its possible previous history;  

 do not allow third-party links that are not related to the event;

 if necessary, notify the participants of the event in advance of the prohibition of streams, recordings of the event or other restrictions.

7.6.4. All Events sent for approval (regardless of the parameters of the event) must contain the current route. A screenshot (if available) of the route should correspond to the current route in saving.

7.6.5. NST coupling is prohibited to be used in Open Events on the VTC.World Project. Any type of non-standard trailer combination not included in the base game (ETS2 and ATS) is prohibited. Such Events would be rejected. 

7.6.6. The weight for the primary trailer of the combination cannot exceed 70 000 kg. 

 The weight for each of the additional trailers cannot exceed 30 000 kg. 

 The weight of the entire coupling of a tractor and semi-trailers cannot exceed 130 000 kg. 

7.6.7. For systematic violations of Rules for creating events, the VTCW Administration may take measures to restrict access (temporary or permanent) to the creation of events for Events Authors. 

7.7. The procedure for approval and change of the event:

7.7.1. Events, designed by the Event's Author, undergo mandatory moderation by the VTCW Organizers and are published on all VTC.World Resources.
7.7.2. VTCW organizers verify that the form is completed correctly. If approved, the event is published on the VTC.World Resources and is available to Users.
7.7.3. The event form may be rejected in case of improper execution, or by the decision of the Organizers/Project Manager with a mandatory explanation of the reason for the refusal.
7.7.4. After the event is published on VTC.World Resources, the form becomes unavailable for editing. If necessary, i.e. to change the parameters of the event, or cancel it, you must contact the VTCW Organizers no later than 3 hours before the start of the event. 

7.8. Format of events, their organization and conduct:

7.8.1. Regular convoy (+100 TMR)  A convoy created by the VTCW Organizers, conducted on an ongoing basis for one of the games.

7.8.2. Regular VTC convoy (+100 TMR)  Convoys of a specific VTC conducted on an ongoing basis for one of the games on a certain day of the week and a certain approved time (at least twice a month and no more than once a week). To approve the VTC Regular convoy, it is necessary to conduct open convoys for two months, after which you can apply in the VTC.World Event Approval subsection to transfer your convoys to “Regular” status. If the day of the week and the time of the event do not correspond to the approved Regular VTC convoy, then this event will be considered as an Open VTC convoy. You can postpone the day of the week and the time of the Regular VTC convoy no more than 1 (one) time per month. *
7.8.3. Open VTC convoy (+50 TMR)  A convoy of a separate VTC for all comers, conducted on an irregular basis (no more than once a day).
7.8.4. Closed VTC convoy (+20 TMR)  The internal convoy of VTC, designed only for employees and guests.
7.8.5. Convoy VTC.World (+30 TMR)  Convoys conducted during the week by the VTCW Organizers.
7.8.6. Community Convoy (+50 TMR)  An open-type convoy from the Communities conducted for everyone on an irregular basis, but no more than twice a week.
7.8.7. A convoy with subscribers (+50 TMR)  An open event (from a streamer) for subscribers of the author of an online broadcast, but no more than twice a week.
7.8.8. Festive convoy (+200 TMR)  This event includes VTC Anniversaries, Community Foundation Days, Streamers Birthdays, New Year or Christmas Holidays. This event is documented in the Event Approval section of VTC.World

7.9. No more than 3 events are allowed when conducting open thematic convoys with different cargo and/or routes at the same time from one author, Streamer's, VTC or community representatives united by a common theme and regulations, with a mandatory description of this in the event regulations. 

7.10. Registration of an event applying for a dedicated TruckersMP server: 

 Event design must comply with these VTC.World Rules.

 To arrange this type of event, you must select "Dedicated server TruckersMP" as a server.

 The author of the event must be the same user who will apply to TruckersMP.

 It is mandatory to fill in the fields describing the event in English.

 The date and time of the beginning of the event must correspond to the date and time that will be specified in the application.

 A link to the event's voting page on the TruckersMP website is mandatory.

 In the description of the event, both in Russian and in English, there should be general information about the event and temporary rules for a dedicated server. They must comply with the same rules that will be indicated in the application.

 Event design and description must comply with TruckersMP's application rules. You can read the rules in the corresponding Knowledge Base article.

 You must specify the name of the dedicated server. It must correspond to the name that will be indicated in the application for TruckersMP.

 You can contact the Event Team Leader to announce your event on the VTC.World Discord server to attract the attention of users to your event.

 If during the consideration of the application in TruckersMP you need to make changes in the description of the event, you can do this by contacting the Event Team Leader. Edits should be provided for all languages included in the event description.


8. Rules for events and convoys 


8.1. All participants of the convoy must arrive at the gathering place (including the voice server) in advance. The convoy will start at exactly the specified time. Any late participant independently calculates the route to the meeting with the convoy.

8.2. Before the start, the Leading Convoy sets the sequence for the departure of participants and/or Companies.

8.3. All participants in the convoy must comply with the rules of the road, these Rules and TruckersMP Rules, as well as the instructions of the leader and tail. The speed is chosen by each driver individually, based on his driving skills, environment and distance to the participant in front. Participants must keep a sufficient distance between themselves to prevent accidents. The recommended distance is 80-150 m.

8.4. Players who have technical problems (lags, disconnects, etc.) follow the Convoy, regardless of their affiliation with the Companies.

8.5. In the case of forced stopping or sudden braking, participants must turn on their hazard lights or apply the brake pedal/key for a few successive times in order to warn drivers behind them.

8.6. Those participants, for any reason leaving the convoy, must notify the leader, as well as other participants, whom they may interfere with.

8.7. Embedding of a late or returning participant into the column shall be carried out only with the permission of the Leader and prior agreement with those whom he may interfere with.

8.8. Overtaking or advancing ahead of the person in front is made only after prior agreement with the overtaken person.

8.9. All participants must be present in the respective room intended for the convoy on the voice server and comply with the rules of the server on which it is located.

8.10. Messages of the Leading and the Closing have an unconditional priority over any others.

8.11. Any participant in the convoy must warn the Leading, the Closing, and other participants of events or incidents that may interfere with the movement of the convoy.


9. Additions and changes

9.1. These Rules can be changed or supplemented at any time with the announcement on the forum.

9.2. These Rules are made in Russian and may be provided to the User for review in another language. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian version of the Rules and the version of the Rules in another language, the provisions of the Russian version of these Rules apply.
9.3. Last modified date: 03.02.2024  16:00 MSK


*  New or updated rule clauses


Translation: @Valeant @DarkMoon [RU/EN] @ElectroHouse
Correction: @Anriandor

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