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  1. How to place transports This function is available to the Patrons of the VTC.World project. 1) Placement of transports In-game: Have your parking brake activated in a zone without collision. Minimise the game using Alt + TAB. The game should not be paused. Using the client: Go to the menu and select "Transport Location": Select: Add placement. Indicate the Name and Save of the placement. 2) Download to join the location of the transport In-game: Have your parking brake activated in a zone without collision. Minimise the game using Alt + TAB. The game should not be paused. Using the client: Go to the menu and select "Transport Location": Select previously saved transport location: And click the button: (Hint: Using the "Edit" button, you can change the "Name" of the placement.) Note: The placement function can also be used in the menu of your personal account on the VTC.World project website. The Load placement feature is not available on the website. Only vehicles (trucks and cars) can be moved without an attached trailer. The number of saved placements is unlimited. Placements saved on your personal profile can be used on and off the VTC.World profile. The required Patreon level is Gold or Premium.
  2. DarkMoon [RU/EN]

    Error: "TruckersMP account not found"

    Error: "TruckersMP account not found" Solutions: 1) Register an account for the TruckersMP multiplayer, if you are not yet registered, visit TruckersMP.com. 2) If you previously deleted your TruckersMP account, then restore it and log in to it on the TruckersMP website. Within a day, a new TruckersMP account will be automatically linked.
  3. Error: "Application Access Denied, you banned in TruckersMP" Those banned from the TruckersMP multiplayer network do not have access to the VTC.World client anymore until the ban expires, plus the time to update the TruckersMP account data (which can last from several minutes up to a day). Note: The ban expiration time of the TruckersMP multiplayer is calculated using the time zone UTC +0.
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    Error: "Application Access Denied"

    Error: "Application Access Denied" If you see this informational message, then create a new topic in a special section on the forum to clarify the situation: Application Access Denied
  5. DarkMoon [RU/EN]

    Error: "Inappropriate Steam Account"

    Error: "Inappropriate Steam Account" Solution: Log in on the Steam account associated with your VTC.World profile. You can find out which Steam account is linked to your VTC.World profile in your account on the website: (My Profile Menu - Steam Tab)
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    VTCW Profile Features on ProMods Servers

    VTCW Profile Features on ProMods Servers To play on ProMods servers, use the official "Installing ProMods on TruckersMP" guide: How to install ProMods for TruckersMP The VTC.World profile supports reverse transition between servers with ProMods and vice versa. Playing on your personal profile via the VTC.World client is available for ProMods servers. Recommendations: Turn off optimisers and RAM cleaners! The main garage must be from the original game (base map or DLC). When you change the server from ProMods to Simulation, if your main garage is in a city added to ProMods, your truck will end up under the world. Solving rare problems: If you are transitioning to a ProMods server, you are having issues such as a game crashes or a download error, then go to any of the Simulation servers and move to any garage, and then go to the ProMods server again. If the error persists, restart the computer. If VTC.World does not start up or shows your VTC profile (there is no general VTCW profile information in the profile selection window), then restart the game. Restrictions: World of Trucks external contracts are not available for ProMods servers. Undelivered cargo when changing the server to ProMods, as well as back, will be canceled. In the statistics, the delivery will have the status: " Not data ."
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    Fatal error. Cannot create temp crash log file."

    Привет, @ildar1888 прошу ознакомиться с этой темой С наилучшими пожеланиями, DarkMoon [RU/EN] Translator
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    What is the VTC.World Client

    What is the VTC.World Client The VTC.World client (Virtual Trucking Company World) is a software developed and designed specifically for the network game "TruckersMP" in American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. The VTCW client (hereinafter referred to as the Client) is freely available. Its main purpose is to create a virtual world in which certain conditions will be formed for the development of the economic and social component of the above-mentioned multiplayer. General description of the Client functionality. 1) In the upper part of the Client window (from left to right): Menu — allows you to: view the Client version history; change the basic settings of the Client; assign hotkeys; change the playlist of the built-in radio in the Client; import a color template; change some game settings; change the positioning of the view inside the truck cab (important for those who use a mouse as a controller in the game). State Flag Icon — allows you to choose the language of the Client. Currently available in Russian and English. Links Forum, Discord, Launch multiplayer and FAQ activate the corresponding content. IMPORTANT! The link Launch multiplayer is available in the Client only when the TruckersMP multiplayer launcher is installed. 2) Just below, to the right of the VTCW logo are located: Radio built into the Client, a link to the details of a voluntary donation to the project development fund, a user profile panel. 3) The main window of the Client contains: Constantly displayed tabs: Home — contains some player profile data, a clickable icon Server Status, a click on which brings up the corresponding content, and a search string for players according to several criteria previously (as a hint) specified in the input field. Indicators on the Home page: — current reputation level. (value varies from -100 to 100). — total amount of TMR (Trucking Match Rating). — amount of TMR for the last trip. Events — contains information on planned convoys. My friends — displays the icons of friends from Steam (if any). The icons provide a summary of player profiles. On this tab, you can view the location of friends on the map (there is a search function by nickname). Map — displays a map of the game world. Additional tab: The additional tab is called up and its content is changed by clicking on the icons (Favorites, Delivery and Violations History, My Favorite Tracks, Profile Settings) in the user profile panel: Favorites — allows you to create an archive of frequently visited Internet pages for more convenient access to them directly from the Client window. Delivery and violation history — opens the menu for selecting the appropriate profile statistics. My favorite tracks — opens a list of tracks marked by the user as favorites in the Client player. Profile Settings — opens the VTCW profile settings. 4) Profile Information Panel: It is located above the bottom edge of the Client window and carries the informational nature of the profile status in the present time according to several criteria. Each criterion has its own icon, when you hover over it, a tooltip is shown.