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Financial support of the project (Patreon, Sponsr)

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VTC.World is a project that runs by volunteers. Our team is a group of enthusiasts with a passion for virtual trucking and fans of the realistic gaming approach. We truly believe that this approach will make your gaming experience more interesting and more full.


Our work for this project is non-paid, all the expenses are coming from our pockets. Your support will give us more free time to develop new features. In return, we can provide some functions, which can make your stay on the project as comfortable as possible.


We are currently supporting 2 services:

  • Patreon: https://patreon.com/VTCWorld 
    • for our foreign players
    • currency is Dollar by default
    • renewal on 1st day of each month (no matter the subscription date)
  • Sponsr: https://sponsr.ru/vtcworld/ 
    • for our CIS-located players
    • currency is Russian Rouble
    • monthly renewal on subscription date


Note: When registering on Patreon or Sponsr sites, make sure you are using the same Email address that you registered with on http://VTC.World.

Check your ‎Email address on the link :https://vtc.world/cp/myprofile/?edit



We are providing 4 tiers of support:


$1 / 100₽ per month

  • Thank you for your help in the development of the project
  • Sponsor information in your profile
  • Insurance 15%

$3 / 300₽ per month 

Includes everything from previous tiers plus:

  • Sponsor role and the access to a separate channels of our Discord guild 
  • Insurance 25%

$5 / 500₽ per month

Includes everything from previous tiers plus:

  • Access to the placement of transport. You can save a location and load it to move to this location.
  • Access to any player's delivery route and additional information on the map.
  • The ability to send your predefined message to the game chat by hotkey (1 time in 5 minutes).
  • Insurance 35%

$10 / 700₽ per month

Includes everything from previous tiers plus:

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