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Found 2 results

  1. Shen Yang


    Bug https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Vf1MrmjTvxJxcNOwpVwsjBIyJLG1YHd Hi, When I go out, and coming in game profile when I was with double the las trailer from doubles stacking in the front trailer
  2. MuhWalker

    Truck and money missing after login

    I created my profile and went to play online. After the first truck purchase and the first job, I had a problem with a load that I picked up and the trailer was upside down, already starting with 65% damage. When I canceled this job, since I was unable to connect to the trailer, I had a negative balance and used the profile reset tool to be able to start again. When I started again, I took an initial trip again and collected my valuables. When saving the game, I had no error message and closed the game with a level 6 profile and a Scania truck. When trying to enter this profile again, the system detected a change in the map and rolled back to a previous point, where I was at level 4, with no points in the skill tree applied and without a truck, but the money was at 11,000. I can't buy the truck again, I don't have a truck in the garage and the system doesn't recognize my previous freight as done. How should I proceed to correct this error and start the game again? Sincerely, Bruno.