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VTC "Mileage Riot"

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Mileage Riot

About us: Mileage Riot virtual transportation company, founded - 08/18/2021. Mileage Riot is a young, fast-growing company with big ideas and realizations. Mileage Riot is engaged in cargo transportation in Europe and abroad. You will get a lot of emotions from the daily convoys. Our company has an adequate and friendly team with whom you can have a good time. Responsive administration that will always take into account all your suggestions and complaints. Everything is done solely for the benefit of the company employees. We are waiting for new, active employees who are ready to develop with us and be even better!


Requirements for joining:

  • Спойлер
    • - You must be at least 18 years old (Exceptions are possible)
      - You consider yourself an adequate and responsible employee
      -You can take criticism, both good and bad
      - You are willing to participate in large/powerful events. (Exceptions may apply)
      - You are willing to use TrucksBook and VTC.World

CEO - @Skazochnick
COO - soon

Internal VTC rules:

  • Спойлер
    • 1. Integrity
    • We do our business honestly. We are open and have nothing to hide from one another. We understand that the rights and freedoms we enjoy in society and in our company can only be achieved through an honest relationship where there are no lies or deceptions. We do not cheat.

    • 2. Teamwork
    • We work as a team and coordinate our actions, reinforcing each other. We face challenges together and share results honestly. No one in our group "pulls the blanket over themselves.

      3. Principle of Communication
    • We respectfully communicate with each other and with the outside world regardless of our moods. If we don't communicate, we can't provide services and the organization can't exist. We don't mope and we don't cackle.
    • 4. Professionalism.
    • We strive to be professionals of the highest caliber in our work and to act clearly, correctly and with high quality. We pay attention to details and little things, which is the art of a professional. We are constantly learning and training to improve our professionalism. We are not amateurs with only a superficial knowledge of what we do.

      5. Trust
    • Our relationships within the organization are based on trust. We trust people, expecting them to display their best qualities. We ourselves are able to justify the trust of others, to make commitments and fulfill them. We understand that people who don't follow through on their commitments are not trustworthy and don't respect them. We do not expect people to cheat or be dishonest.
    •  6. Commitment to Quality
    • We want our services and products to be of the highest quality possible. Quality is the attributes that define the merits of a thing or service. It is what gives them value. Quality has always been and always will be appreciated by people. That is why we strive to do everything with quality. We do not produce substandard services or products, and if we make a mistake, we correct it by bringing our provision to high quality.
    • 7. Development and Growth
    • We believe every person has a huge potential, which we encourage to be used and developed. Therefore we support every employee's aspirations for development. We welcome any training aimed at professional growth and expanding the area of responsibility. We are not satisfied with what we have achieved and we constantly work to develop and improve ourselves, our company and our services.
    • 8. Tolerance
    • We are tolerant, patient and respectful towards other people's opinions, behavior, beliefs or character, trying to understand people first of all, and then to be understood. We are friendly to people and organizations, regardless of their beliefs and convictions. We do not tolerate intolerance of other people or groups.
    • We also believe that these principles are true and contribute to the success of our group and each of us. As we grow, we may add to or change our policies.
    • 9. Company Rules
    • 9.1 - You cannot participate in other virtual transport companies (VTC) when joining ours!
      9.2 - From the moment of invitation for interview, you will have ability to get any information during conversation with company's management. In case of when some technical difficulties, hard times speaking with each others or force majeure appear, you'll have a maximum period of one week to fully finish the interview.
      9.3 - While being at the "Interview" stage, you are not allowed to participate in convoys. In order for our company management to be certain about its new candidate, he should be put through the interview, where he will be checked for rules knowledge and instructed for putting on official company style, before allowing him to go to the convoy.
      9.4 - Once you have been accepted into the company you will have a probationary period and will be given the role of "Apprentice Driver". The probationary period will last until you get 20 xp, having driven either closed or open convoys or company contracts, which are on our website (It is possible to combine both.). You will then have permission to take a test exam to upgrade to the "Novice Driver" role.
    • 9.5 - You are obliged to be in official company style during open convoy. (guide truck and trailer preparation) Truck and trailer should have corresponding configuration and paintjob.
      9.6 - You should be active in our VTC, this will affect your career.
      9.7 - When joining us, you will be ready to change your Discord nickname, in order it to be the same as on the TruckersMP.
      9.8 - Be respectful and poltie to members and administration of the company. Do not interrupt anyone speaking.

      10. Company's members responsibilities:
    • 10.1 - Adequacy.
      10.2 - Respect for members and administration of the company.
      10.3 - You should always have a "Milage Riot" tag in TAB.
      10.4 - Informing company management about your inability to participate in the convoy.
      10.5 - Attend closed and open/shared convoys.
      10.6 - You should always have TruckBook and VTC.World clients open.
      10.7 - When on convoy, follow the convoy rules (read below).
    • 11. Convoy Rules:
    • 11.1 - A gathering is started 30-40 minutes prior to convoy start. You should be ready before the convoy starts. You also should be repaired and gassed up.
      11.2 - Do not interrupt company members during convoys.
      11.3 - During the convoy, you cannot overtake/undertake someone without notifying. If it is needed, ask convoy leader for permission.
    • 12. In company you are not allowed:
    • 12.1 - Insulting company members, administration and guests, that are participating in convoy, in any way!
      12.2 - Advertising any web-resources (Sites, etc.), only if it is not connected to TruckersMP community!
      12.3 - Driving too much on C-D road, because you represent our company as a member!
      12.4 - Breaking the TruckersMP rules. If you get banned while being in our VTC, we'll have to say goodbye! (Exceptions possible)

Our members VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/48336/members
VTCW profiles:

Contact us:

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По запросу был переназначен Руководитель ВТК $1LV3R https://vtc.world/cp/users/view/?user=17032 (отсутствует на форуме).



В связи с отсутствием нового Руководителя ВТК на форуме, клуб ВТК удаляется.


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