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[EN] Agreement on the use of game profile VTC.World

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Agreement on the use of the game profile "VTC.World" for the games
Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator


The VTC.World community gives you the opportunity to start a new career in the games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator with a VTC.World network profile. This profile is stored on VTC.World servers and is intended solely for playing online using the multiplayer of TruckersMP.


Features of the game profile:


  • You are provided with a few skills available to you that can be distributed at your discretion.
  • Initially, 120.000 money in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 135.000 money in American Truck Simulator is available to you to buy your truck.
  • The opportunity to take loans is blocked.
  • The ability to hire drivers is blocked.
  • Any kind of save is not available, except for those initiated by the VTC.World software.
  • The VTC.World profile is not available for single player and is intended only for the TruckersMP multiplayer.
  • Deliveries with the VTC.World profile are not synchronized unless you are connected to TruckersMP and/or the VTC.World servers (offline mode).
  • Profile files are stored on VTC.World servers.


VTC.World keeps its own statistics on your career, for this reason, to save disk space and traffic on VTC.World servers, game statistics are not maintained in the profile.


Responsibilities and limitations:


  • You agree that the "/ fix" command is not available for the VTC.World game profile.
  • You guarantee that you will not use workarounds, hacks, cheats and other means to attempt to influence your game statistics and achievements.
  • You undertake to not cause moral, material and other harm to the project and the VTC.World community, game and multiplayer developers. This responsibility applies entirely to you.
  • You agree to not violate the rules of the multiplayer TruckersMP using the game profile VTC.World. In case of any violations, the Administration of VTC.World reserves the right to impose a restriction on the use of VTC.World resources.
  • It is forbidden to use modifications not supported by the multiplayer and/or in any way violating the rules of the multiplayer.
  • It is forbidden to substitute, modify, hack or replace the data of the game profile using third-party programs, hacking and/or other actions not related to the game process in general.
  • You are solely responsible for the delivery and delivery of goods offline. The administration and technical support of VTC.World has the right to refuse to consider applications for such deliveries and may take no action to revise the results of the delivery and to recalculate your rating.
  • When distributing cargo to friends and moving friends to you, you must be in a zone without collision and provide minimum allowable free space around the vehicle and trailer (equal to the half-width of the vehicle and the full length of the vehicle), to avoid loading your friends in the textures of the surrounding world.
  • If you, according to the rights granted by VTC.World, have access to the "Cargo Archive" and/or "Event Management" functions, you cannot use these functions for personal gain, in particular, to improve game performance, to contribute, due to the opportunities provided to you, other players in improving their game performance. In cases of detection of abuse, the Administration of VTC.World has the right to take action against you, up to and including permanent blocking of your VTC.World account.
  • It is forbidden to violate the limitations of the game profile VTC.World.
  • Using "CheatEngine", "ArtMoney" and/or any similar software, trainers or other means of hacking in any way, shape or form is equivalent to violating the license agreement for the VTC.World software (EULA). For doing so, a permanent ban from the VTC.World project is being issued. All your access will be removed and blocked.
  • If you get a permanent ban at TruckersMP, all of your access to VTC.World's resources may also be removed and blocked.



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