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Third-party Application mode (TPA)

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Third-party Application mode (TPA)


Mode of working of the VTC.World client in which the game.sii save file of the VTC.World profile is copied to a special folder for decryption and reading by third-party projects without restrictions.


Directory of TPA files


The directory for TPA files is a \VTCWorld\tpa in the root directory of local files (CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA).

Example for Windows 10: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\VTCWorld\tpa


The principle of working


If VTC.World profile is active for player, file profile.active is presented in VTC.World profile folder (5654432E576F726C64).


Each game.sii file that has been successfully unpacked and processed by the VTCW client is copied to the TPA directory named <internal_timestamp>.sii.


There may be a situation where several files can be saved at the same time. In this case, in addition to <internal_timestamp>.sii, there may be files of the following names:





Garbage disposal


VTC.World client independently monitors the number of files in the directory. The number of files cannot be more than 10. Old files are deleted automatically.


The directory is automatically cleared of files after the game session and when the VTC.World client is closed.




It is recommended not to try to access the VTC.World profile files directly, but to track new files in the TPA directory to read up-to-date information. This ensures that the files are valid, can be successfully unpacked, processed, and will not affect the operation of the VTC.World client.


Attempting to access VTC.World profile files directly if the application does not have the appropriate access is subject to microfreezes and freezes, which can negatively affect delivery accounting.


Enabling TPA mode


If TrucksBook Client is running, this mode is activated automatically. In other cases, the client must be started with the -tpaenable parameter


This mode is relevant and works only for the VTC.World profile.

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