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[EN] Event Registration Guide

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The Event registration is available via the VTC.World client or on the website https://vtc.world/cp


Choose “Events management” at the main menu.



In a new window, you will see the “Events management” interface that allows you to create new events and search for the ones that have been published already.



Once you press the “Add new event” button, you will be able to choose a type of the upcoming event in a drop-down menu:

  • Regular VTC convoyConvoys of a specific VTC conducted on an ongoing basis for one of the games.
  • Open VTC convoyOpen convoys of VTCs for all people, conducted on an irregular basis from time to time.
  • Closed VTC ConvoyInternal VTC convoys, only for employees and guests.


A new window with different options of an upcoming event will pop up once you choose the type of convoy. Most of the options are the same for all types, the difference is addressed below.


1. General parameters of the event



1. “Upload image” button – allows you to upload a cover for an upcoming event. IMPORTANT: The image must have a width of 1980 pixels for proper alignment.

2. “Event type” option.

3. “Game” option.

4. “Game server” option.

5, 6. “Minimal reputation” and “TMR” options.

7. Time of the event should be specified according to the local time. Please note that users in other time zones will see the time according to their time zone. In other words, if the creator sets an event for 20:00 in UTC+4, users in UTC+3 time zone will see 19:00 as the beginning of it.

8. “Date of the event” option.

9, 10. “Start time of the event and time to gather”. IMPORTANT: Start time of the event is considered as the gathering of all the players and preparation to move out.

(Additional) “Departure time” is calculated automatically according to 9 and 10.

11. “Duration of the event” is the time taken for the whole event to be completed. The “Allow to join before the end of the event” parameter is tied to this option. This option allows an event to be shown both in the overlay and VTC.World client.


Cargo and truck options.



In this section, you can select cargo that was prepared for the event from the archive. Other data will be read automatically.

Please note that required DLCs are specified in advance (for the trailer, truck and selected route).

Players without those DLCs will not be able to join the event.


Additional event options.


1,3. A link to the route and promo video; YouTube links (for promos), Steam, TruckersMP, a direct link to image files that were posted on photo hosting sites. IMPORTANT: URLs must be using HTTPS.
2. This option gives cargo to the player without a route, rather departure and arrival points only. At the same time, the actual route must be specified in the archive that is used for the event. Without a route the event will not be approved. It is important to understand that the planned distance is left untouched; if the leader leads a convoy directly for some reason, but the original route is listed differently – everyone can get a cheating status. In this situation, it will be an error of the Organiser/Host and the rating will not be recalculated for the participants of the event. To accompany the column actual Skoda in the paint of the Pilot. 

4. “We leave strictly according to the schedule” implies that after the event starts (“Departure time” option is formed automatically) nobody can join.

5. Only the cargo is provided for all participants of the event by default. After ticking the “To provide transport” option, the participant will be given not only the cargo but also a truck that the creator used when building an archive for the event.

6. Allows participants to join before the event ends (duration is specified at the general part, option 11). In this case, late participants can join at the beginning of the route anyway, regardless of how far the main convoy went.

IMPORTANT: Options 4 and 6 are mutually exclusive. The “Allow to join until the end of the event” option has priority.

7. The “To provide route for the Scout” option is available exclusively for the “Convoy escort” gameplay. An additional field will appear once you enable this option where you have to enter the VTCW IDs of the players that will receive access to participate in the event driving a Skoda (to avoid abuse). All the IDs are entered without spaces and separated by commas. 




8. When the "Only for VTC.World profile" option is enabled, only players on the VTC.World profile will be able to join the event.


You can find the ID of a player by clicking the nickname of any of your friends in the “My friends” tab or you can ask the player (available at your profile in https://vtc.world/cp). You can also do that by clicking the “VTC.World Profile” button at a profile of the needed user on the forum.


After that, fill in the text fields: “Name of the event (obligatorily), optional – general regulations/description, regulations for VTCs and solo participants, places of rest and communication. If you leave the field untouched – no info will be specified in the event description. If you would like the event to be displayed for Russian-speaking users too – enable the “In Russian” option (off by default).

There is a “Disable” option that terminates/disables the event for everyone. It was made so that there is an ability to edit the upcoming events.


Event features.

1. Closed events

You have to manually add all the participants that will be allowed to join your event. A field will appear automatically once you choose this type of event.



The creator of the closed event gets access by default.



2. For every type of event (cargo import from singleplayer).

You can create a route with cargo in singleplayer to make the process easier. You can also prepare and tune a truck that you will use for the event. Using your own trailer with personalised paint is possible. The important thing – do not overdo the tuning, otherwise, players without tuning DLCs (Scania, DAF, Tuning pack etc.) will not be able to join.

Save your current trip in singleplayer after preparing the truck and creating the route.


IMPORTANT: Check that the “Preferred Route” option is set to “Optimal” in the Gameplay settings before saving.



Enter multiplayer once again after saving. You should have no cargo, with the parking brake engaged. We recommend preparing for the event on the Simulation server with the least possible amount of players to avoid any incidents.

After entering the game world, go to the client (Alt+Tab), press the “Menu” button in the upper left-hand corner and select “Cargo import”

An additional import window will appear:



 in which:


1. Make sure to tick the box if you want everyone to use the same truck at the event,

2. Choose the correct save for MP import.


After successful import, check the route, truck and save it to the archive. Pay attention to the “Distance” (optimal route set by navigator) and “Route” (route set by the user according to extra points on the map) settings.



The route must be of a greater or the same distance. Otherwise, you risk being considered a cheater.

Do not forget to check the "Cancelling cargo" option.




NST coupling - is prohibited for use in Open Events on the VTC.World Project, both on Simulation and ProMods servers. ANY TYPE of NON-STANDARD trailer combinations not included in the base game (ETS2 and ATS) are PROHIBITED. Such Events would be rejected.

Routes with couplings allowed for use only in certain regions (ETS2 - articulated trailer, B-Double. ATS - triple coupling, Turnpike coupling, Rocky Mountain Double, B-Double coupling) will be approved only in the case of a stretched route in authorized countries/states.

The use of the above-mentioned trailers in Closed Events cannot be regulated as they are not subject to inspection. All risks and consequences are on the Author of the event and will not be corrected by VTC.World Support team.




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