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[EN] How to add cargo to an archive

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For the "Cargo Archive" to work correctly, you have to be online on the TruckersMP server with your VTC World profile.
You have to be in a No collision zone with any cargo, handbrake applied and a set route. If you have changed the route to the one that is not default (optimal) - perfoming a manual save is required, so that the data can be sent to a server.

Access to the "Cargo Acrhive" function is available via the VTC World client or on the website https://vtc.world/cp



A new tab will pop up (Cargo Archive), where all archives that you created will be available.



Click the "Add cargo" button, check the settings of your cargo on the page: departure and destination point, goods and weight, distance/route, DLCs that are used (separate settings for the truck and cargo itself). You can change the name, so that it will be suitable for you; further, an archive will be displayed on a common list with this name.
You can add a comment if it is required. Do not forget to check the "Cancelling cargo" option.
IMPORTANT: The route must be of greater or the same distance! Otherwise, you may be considered a cheater.




After everything is checked - press the "Save" button at the bottom part of the page.



Done! The cargo is in your acrhive! 



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