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How to change the avatar in your profile

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It is strongly recommended to read the VTC.World rules. 


3.4. You can upload image size minimum of 240x240 pixels as an avatar.

3.5. Images, emblems, symbols and insignias are prohibited:

 blinking GIF files (there should be no excessive flickering, flashing, or sharp color changes) or similar animations. Smooth GIF animations are allowed.

 containing profanity, insults and/or their veiled analogy and the like in any language  ban;

 containing pornography, religious, political names and/or symbols, links, advertising third-party resources, drug propaganda, indecent behaviour, piracy, the name and/or symbols of terrorist or any other prohibited organizations, calls for violence/extremism and similar in any language  ban;

 any types that contain the images of politicians, both living and deceased  kick/ban;

 any types matching the images of VTC.World employees  ban;

— containing images and symbols that repeat or suggest a relationship to a certain VTC on the VTC.World Resources while not actually having any relation to this certain VTC  ban.


Profile avatars can be changed by logging in to your account on the page: https://vtc.world/cp





After entering the profile, you can change your avatar. You can upload image sizes minimum of 240x240 pixels as an avatar.




IMPORTANT!!! The avatar change function is available only on your account page (its control panel). Please do not confuse it with the profile settings on the forum page and in the client!!!


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