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    [EN] Suggestions Format Rules

    [EN] Suggestions Format Rules When making a new suggestion make sure that you are following the format. Suggestion should be constructive. One topic — one suggestion. Suggestions which are made without following the format will be declined. Example: Suggestion Title: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why shout it be added?
  2. No information about Discord in the VTC.World account If it's not getting linked or there is no information about Discord in the VTC.World account, do the following: Open User Settings on Discord; Navigate to the Application Settings - Game Activity; Enable Display the status of the game you are currently playing.
  3. Save is rolling back when entering the game with own profile via the VTC.World client Do the following: Close the game and the VTC.World client. Delete the next folder (1 time is enough) Document\<game folder>\profiles\<your own profile folder>\save\0 asd This applies to both, Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. For personal profile only. Not for VTCW profile. S S
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