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[EN] Streamer topic Regulations

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1. Streamer - a VTC.World user streaming online broadcasts of their trips in the TruckersMP Multiplayer, both with and without a VTC.World profile.
2. A Streamer can create a separate public topic.
3. The author of the topic can only be said Streamer.
4. For topic approval, at least 2500 (two thousand five hundred) subscribers are required in total across all streaming services.
5. The Streamer's topic must include the logo, channel name and a brief description. Links to streaming services and pages on social networks are allowed.
6. The name of the channel, its logo and description cannot match or be similar to those already existing on the forum, and must also comply with the requirements of the rules for posting messages (Section 3 of the forum rules).
7. Any Streamer, after having provided convincing evidence, can contact the VTC.World Project Administration with a request to remove the topic of another Streamer if it considers that the name, tag, logo or rules violate copyrights. 
8. The VTC.World Administration has the right to refuse the registration of a Streamer without explanation.
9. If the design of the topic does not correspond to the above-mentioned paragraphs, the author is given 7 (seven) calendar days to correct the issues. After this period, the Administration has the right to delete topics that are not corrected to comply with the regulations.

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