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Suggestions for improving the simulation

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Dear administrators,


Due to some events which happened in the last few days (speaking mainly about TruckersMP), I have decided to write a letter to all mentioned parties below, that are from my point of view (and also from the point of view of other concerned players) concerned in this situation. I’m talking about TruckersMP (known as TMP), vtc.world (known as VTCW) and Trucksbook (known as TB).


Let me start by introducing myself.

I’m a little bit older ETS2 player. I've been playing this game since 2015. After a while, I started playing ATS and I playing mostly in simulation mode. I have driven over 7 million kilometers on both games.Also I’m a owner of VTC Die Kapitane Transport, which currently has around 70 members, and operates in various degrees on all mentioned servers.

I have been on TB since the beginning from start (i.e. October 2016) (https://trucksbook.eu/profile/12)

On TMP I've been active since about 2017 (https://truckersmp.com/user/327428) and on VTCW since January 2021 (https://vtc.world/cp/users/view/?user=13336)


Events which I mentioned on the start of a letter are these:

- Unification of speed limits in simulation mode on VTCW and TB

- Adjust of the speed tolerations on VTCW - there it could be even better, but I will mention that later

- The most important project on TMP - Back to Basics


I will start with TMP:

I don’t want to contradict the decision of the arcade community.

Only one “simulation” server has been kept, but I and large part of our company, who drive on the server Promods, are bothered by the irresponsible (Reckless) driving of most fast drivers (not all players, occasionally there is always someone, who slows down when overtaking).

Speed difference, which is up to 60 km/h (150 km/h versus 90 km/h), leads to more dangerous situations than a lower difference 20 km/h (110 km/h versus 90 km/h).

Here you can argue that I can report a dangerous player, who harms me, but no report will be made up for a ruined in-game contract and a VTCW penalty. 


My suggestion to set up these SIMULATION SERVERS:

Servers SIM3 a PM3 - speed could be 55/102 km/h (you may ask why not 100 km/h? The reason is simple - drivers can be fined if they do not comply with the simulation limit on TB and on VTCW, which is set to 100 km/h) and I don’t suppose you make a really realistic limit of 90 km/h, which is in most European countries. I’m afraid that there aren’t that many HARD simulation players.

And for ATS servers US SIM3 - speed could be 40/85 mp/h. I deliberately put the US server, because most of the European community is playing ATS on the US server.


I’m aware that servers are not free, so if you wouldn’t restructure the current server system, my suggestion is to create servers for TMP Patreons. I would keep the contribution voluntary - at least you would how people value your decision ;-). Number of slots can be at 500 players at start.


My other suggestion for these servers is to allow custom skins of trucks and trailers for companies, which are larger than 5 members (or 10 members f.e.), that could be visible to all players on the server - here I took inspiration from a VTCW, where the minimum number of members needed to start a company is set to 5 members. I would consider this more reasonable than a personal car with monster wheels.

Of course, the custom skin size limitation would need to be tweaked, you can possibly make it conditional that at least one member of the company has gold patreon or some sort of individual fee.


I will now proceed with the proposal for a VTCW:

Here it’s a bit easier to unify the speeding limit in SIMULATION mode to +10 km/h.

Just keep the time tolerance in town - 8 seconds and outside the town - 20 seconds.


And there is one suggestion for TB:

One mutual suggestion for VTCW and TB is to write contracts, which I will take over from my colleagues in VTCW. Since you can’t create a VTCW contract, you can’t ride VTCW convoys together.



The best option would be if the three mentioned entities could somehow agree in favour of players who like to drive in simulation mode. The biggest part lies with TMP, because it all happens “on their playground” and it isn’t dependent on the other subjects.


I would like to ask TMP to not only think about their the arcade community, for which it does whatever they want, although I understand that whoever pay (patreon) have higher priority, but at least do something for the minority community that also likes simulation - so the simulation community doesn’t disappear time by time.


I think it’s in everyone’s interest - for players and for you, who offer services to us - to keep everyone happy.



Die Kapitane transport

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