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Delivery Status: "Not data"

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Delivery Status: "Not data"


Getting the delivery status  "Not data":

1) In the general case, it is related to the lack of data transfer to the server or the transfer of incorrect data, for example, during desynchronization with the server, prolonged "Waiting to save..." and "Synchronization with the server..." due to poor Internet connection.

2) When reseting the economy during an active delivery, the delivery will be reset to the delivery history with the "Not data" status (this does not apply to external World of Trucks orders).

3) Undelivered active loads when changing the server from ProMods to Simulation, as well as back, will be cancelled. In the statistics, the delivery will have the status: "Not data."


Deliveries with the "Not data" status are not considered VTC.World Support Team and are not subject to correction.

(exception: duplicate of previous delivery)



1) Do not leave the game from the menu immediately after delivery, return to the game world and drive away from the place of unloading.

2) Exiting from the game must be done correctly. (The completion of the game process or the VTCW client in the Windows task manager are not correct).

3) All actions on the VTCW profile, including movement in the game world, must be performed online with working telemetry.

4) Do not take any action during the loading process.

5) Be sure to follow all the recommendations from the following instructions:


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