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                                                         ============ Welcome ============
                                                                                                                                                                              ========== West-Trans =========


West-Trans company, based in Calais, look for new Drivers motivated national and international race distance.

The company "West-Trans' established four years ago, in 2016. During this time, we have formed a strong team, and will provide an opportunity for professional drivers in the ETS2 MP.



  • The principle is:


- Apply, and then you are contacted directly by the head of the company, or a person designated for this. We will discuss with you and we will take a decision on the spot on admission in the company, but that's not all, you are given time for a period of seven days, if all is well we will allow you in our company ranks.


Our sites

VTC.Word: -  in construction

TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/9561

Statistics: - in construction





  •      If you wish apply to a job in West-Trans RO, you must meet the following requirements: 



  • You need an official version ETS2.
  • You must be 18 years or more.
  • You must be willing to use the program (VTC.World). 
  • You must speak Romanian (mandatory) and preferably English.
  • ETS2 must have played more than 50 hours.
  • Respect all company members.
  •  Know Rules "ETS2 MP".


  • You need:


- Communication among employees.
- Respect for employees.
- Ability to evaluate and make a decision in any situation.
- Knowledge of the rules TruckersMP.
- Knowledge of traffic rules.
- A microphone to communicate.



  • From us you will have:


- A staff able for any situation.
- Always a good mood and positive team.
- Owning convoys ETS2.
- Often online evening.
- Flexible program (convenient for you)
- Also spend time not only in ETS2, but also in many other games.


  •      Our rules is


1) Discipline Policy

If you deviate from the rules West-Trans, we will give you out without discussion. In case you make a minor mistake we warn you. (3 warns you will be excluded from the company). For swearing / insults against members of WTR will receive 2 warns of the possibility of being excluded from the company.

2)  Admission Policy

Shared accounts are not allowed under any circumstances. Each driver is responsible for his own account, and what happens on it will reflect on VTC.World.

Each driver is allowed to apply to West-Trans three times. If you leave after three or join any membership application again, it will be rejected.


3) Information on Discord / VTC.World

Without inappropriate content. (Pornography, etc.) West-Trans is a 16+ community and we want to be respectful. Failure will result in 1 warn.

Advertising of any kind is prohibited if it meets the following criteria; another VTC or containing sexually suggestive content.

After being accepted into one of our specialized divisions, drivers must remain in this division for at least a month before switching to another division.

4)  Multiplayer

All WTR members need to follow all the rules TruckersMP.

You are not allowed to drive cars while you tag West-Trans.

No large groups of 4 or more on the road Calais / Duisburg.

 When driving with other drivers in the WTR should use Discord (headphones and microphone).

Do not use foul language / challenging public discussions, or make general things that harm the company name.

You are responsible for your own account. When rules are violated, we reserve the right to exclude the WTR anytime.

5) The work rules

 We have zero tolerance money / editors of Economics. If you are found using these modes, you will be excluded from the company.

If you are not actively max. 2 weeks, you will be subject to removal by our team. 

6) Convoy rules

You must read all information provided in the event details on VTC.World. 


  • Our Company structure:






---more drivers need to SingIn in VTC.World ...


Some screenshoots









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