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[EN] Rules for events

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1. General Provisions

   1.1. These Rules for events for the VTC.World project (henceforth referred to as the Rules) establish the procedure for preparing and conducting events on the servers of TruckersMP.

   1.2. These Rules apply to the preparation and execution of events at VTC.World.

   1.3. Basic terms used for these Rules are:


  •     Event - an organised entertaining mass activity conducted on the servers of TruckersMP, regardless of the number of participants;
  •     Event organiser (henceforth referred to as the Organiser) is a user of VTC.World who is the initiator of the event and provides organisational and other support for its holding;
  •     The author of the event is a participant in the VTC.World project who has access to the Event Management function in VTC.World and is the initiator of the event; 
  •     Event form (henceforth referred to as the form) is a template in the VTC.World event management interface through which the event is organised;
  •     A community is a group of people united by common interests in the TruckersMP multiplayer. The community can refer to forums and portals registered and operating for more than one year at the time of application submission, which does not provide a service for maintaining statistics of deliveries, organizing events and/or other functions provided by VTC.World, acting only as an information aggregator, uniting thematically players excluding TruckersMP itself.
  •     A streamer is a user of VTC.World who conducts online broadcasts of their trips in the TruckersMP multiplayer, both with and without a VTC.World profile. The number of subscribers should be at least 2.500 (two and a half thousand) people in total for all streaming services.


   1.4. The author of the event is a member of the VTC.World project. The rules are the same for all its members, regardless of their rank, merit and status. 

   1.5. The author of the event and the Host of the event are equally responsible for observing the established procedure for holding events, TruckersMP's rules and VTC.World's rules by the participants of the event. In case of violations, the VTC.World Administration reserves the right to take action against violators, including but not limited to blocking the VTC.World account temporarily or permanently.

   1.6. Organising and conducting events can be:


  •     Measure of acceptance of VTC - VTC managers, their deputies and logisticians;
  •     Community Events - Community representatives (no more than two people);
  •     The escort with subscribers is a streamer, the author of an online broadcast.


2. Obligations and responsibility of the Event author 


  2.1. The event author must:


  • comply with the rules of the VTC.World and TruckersMP project;
  • in cases of impossibility to fulfil their duties, notify the VTC.World Organizers about this;
  • be professional and considerate of each user, regardless of the situation or provocation by other players;
  • stop arguments and excessive spam during events;
  • must check spelling, register, tone and the correctly formated text to guarantee the quality of design;
  • in case of questions or doubts, contact the VTC.World Organizers or the Project Manager;


  2.2. The event author is prohibited to:


  • create events for other Authors and/or for other VTC; *
  • to be rude and offensive;
  • abuse their position and rights granted for personal and personal purposes;
  • violate the rules of the VTC.World and TruckersMP project;
  • encourage hatred and bullying of other participants.


  2.3. Responsibility of the event author:


  • The author of the event is personally responsible for the design and execution of their event.


3. The event registration procedure


Events designed by the Event's Author are moderated by the organisers (VTC.World) and/or the Project Manager and are published on all the resources of the VTC.World project. 


   3.1. When conducting events, the Event Author must:


  • comply with the rules of the VTC.World project, including those of the Discord VTC.World server (in case of voice communication being provided by VTC.World's Discord server), and TruckersMP rules;
  • check the location of the truck and trailer relative to the textures of buildings and other static objects. The free space to the nearest textures should be at least the length of the truck body and half the body in width; 
  • check the availability of the route at boot (even if the "No route" option is enabled) and its link to the route; 
  • check the place of unloading and ensure safe unloading for the participants of the event; 
  • in the regulations indicate the type of semitrailer/coupling or a link to a screenshot on Steam and/or photo hosting service; 
  • Prevent third-party links not related to the event 
  • if necessary, notify the participants of the event in advance of the prohibition of streams, recordings of the event or other restrictions.


   3.2. For the event, the Author draws up a new event through the "Event Management" in VTC.World within at most three days before the expected date and time of its holding. 

   3.3. In the form of the event, the necessary data is filled in, after which the event is sent for approval. When registering an event, HTTPS links can be used:


  •     to Steam, YouTube, and TruckersMP resources
  •     invitation links to Discord and TeamSpeak3
  •     direct links to image files hosted on Steam and/or other photo hosting services


   3.4. Closed VTC events can be arranged without approval on the day of the event.

   3.5. All Events sent for approval (regardless of the parameters of the event) must contain the current route. A screenshot (if available) of the route should correspond to the current route in saving.


4. Approval procedure


   4.1. The organisers of VTC.World and/or the Project Manager check the correctness of filling out the form, if approved, the event is published on the resources of VTC.World and is available to users.

   4.2. The event form may be rejected in case of improper execution or by the decision of the Organisers/Project Manager with a mandatory explanation of the reason for the refusal.


5. Available Event Types and Extra Rewards


   5.1. Regular VTC convoy (+100 TMR)
Convoys of a specific VTC conducted on an ongoing basis for one of the games (at least twice a month and no more than once a week)
To approve the VTC Regular convoy, it is necessary to conduct open convoys for two months, after which you can apply in the VTC.World Event Approval subsection to transfer your convoys to “Regular” status. 


   5.2. Open VTC convoy (+50 TMR)
Open convoys of VTCs for all people, conducted on an irregular basis, from time to time (no more than once a day) 


   5.3. Closed VTC Convoy (+20 TMR)
Internal VTC convoys, only for employees and guests.


   5.4. VTC.World convoy (+30 TMR)
Convoys conducted during the week by the VTC.World Organisers. 


   5.5. Community Convoy (+50 TMR)
Open convoys by the Community, for all users, conducted on an irregular basis. No more than twice a week.


   5.6. Subscribers escort (+50 TMR)
An open event (by a streamer) for subscribers to the author of an online broadcast. No more than twice a week.


  5.7. Festive convoy (+200 TMR)
This event includes VTC Anniversaries, Community Foundation Days, Streamers Birthdays or special Public Holidays. This event is documented in the Event Approval section of VTC.World 


6. Change and cancellation of the event, rescheduling.

6.1. After the event is published on VTC.World resources, the form becomes unavailable for editing. If necessary, to change the parameters of the event or to cancel it entirely, you must contact the VTC.World Organisers or the Project Manager.


7. Additions and changes
   7.1. These rules can be changed or supplemented at any time with an announcement on the forum.


* - New or updated rules

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