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[EN] Rules of Conduct for Joint Convoys

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1. Meeting and distribution of participants

1.1. All participants of the convoy must arrive at the gathering place (and in the TeamSpeak/Discord-room) in advance, fully loaded, repaired and refuelled (100%), with the specified cargo and colour, as well as with the route set in the navigator.
1.2. Before the start, the leader of the convoy determines the sequence of departure of participants and/or companies. It is forbidden to violate this sequence without the permission of the Moderator.
1.3. The convoy starts exactly at the specified time. Late participants independently calculate the route to meet with the escort.


2. Convoy movement

2.1. All participants in the convoy must comply with the rules of the road, the rules of the game server (TruckersMP), as well as the instructions of the leader and tail. The speed is chosen by each driver individually, based on his driving skills, environment and distance to the participant in front. The maximum speed of the convoy is 100 km/h.
2.2. The red signal of the traffic light prohibits the movement, regardless of whether there is an obstacle on the intersected road or not.
2.3. On all vehicles, low beams should be turned on while driving. The use of flashing beacons and the abuse of high-beam headlights is not permitted unless absolutely necessary.
2.4. Participants must keep a sufficient distance between themselves to prevent accidents in case of sudden braking (hanging, lags, desync). The recommended distance is 80-150 m.
2.5. Players who have technical problems (lags, disconnects, etc.) follow the Convoy, regardless of their affiliation with the Companies.
2.6. In the case of forced stopping or sudden braking, participants must turn on their hazard lights and/or apply the brake for a few successive times in order to warn drivers behind them.
2.7. For any reason leaving the convoy, a participant must notify the Leader, as well as other participants whom he may interfere with.
2.8. For returning participants or those arriving late, it is only possible to get to their intended place/location within the convoy with the permissions of the Lead and also a preliminary agreement with every other participant with whom he may interfere while getting back to their intended place.
 2.9. Any manoeuvre associated with going into the oncoming traffic (overtaking, bypassing an obstacle) is carried out only with the permission of the Lead. Also, any overtaking of the person going ahead is only permitted after a preliminary agreement with the overtaken one.
2.10. In cases of a conflict on the road, it is prohibited to ram, block, insult someone in a chat or violate the rules of the game server in any other way.


3. Discord


3.1. All participants must be present in the respective Discord-room intended for the convoy and follow the rules of the Discord-server on which it is located.
3.2. It is prohibited to:
   - Spam in the Discord-room to the detriment of messages relating to the movement of the convoy;
   - Use profanity or insult somebody.
3.3. Messages of those leading and being the tail have unconditional priority over any other. To communicate on extraneous topics amongst themselves (or within the Company), participants must use the in-game CB radio.
3.4. Any member of the convoy must warn the Lead, the Tail and other participants about events or incidents that may interfere with the movement of the convoy.


4. Additions and changes

4.1. These Rules may be amended or supplemented at any time by placing announcements on the forum.
4.2. Date of Last Modification: 12/27/2016 7:00 PM MSK


  * - New or updated paragraphs of the rules

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