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[EN] Forum rules

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1.Terms and conditions


  1.1. Administrationusers with different powers according to paragraph 1.3 of the rules for using the site and services of VTC.World https://vtc.world/rules/terms-of-service/
  1.2. Project Manager - specialist responsible for recruitment and coordination of project. 
  1.3. Administrator is a top-level specialist responsible for the operation of the site and services of VTC.World.
  1.4. Moderator - Administration officer responsible for the procedure and compliance with the rules.

  1.5. The organizer — user responsible for organizing and conducting various public events, approval and publication of social events VTC convoys, and competitions, and has the appropriate privileges.
  1.6. Technical support (Support) — users providing assistance in solving problems with the resources of the VTC.World.
  1.7. The Virtual Transportation Company (VTC) is a community of users registered according to the rules of VTC.World.
  1.8. VTC Leader - user, who is the leader of VTC, registered in the prescribed manner.
  1.9. Deputy of VTC Leader (not more than 2) - a user who is a Deputy of VTC Leader, registered in the prescribed manner.
  1.10. VTC Employee - user adopted to the Company by VTC Leader or his / her deputies and specified in the list of VTC employees. 
  1.11. External resources - any resources not directly related to VTC or VTC.World services.


2. Account registration and related


  2.1. By registering on VTC.World You agree these rules and the license agreement for use of software (VTCW client).
  2.2. To register, you must link your account to Steam account.
  2.3. A message containing the confirmation code will be sent to mail address You specified during the registration process.
  2.4. Prohibited nicknames:
     2.4.1. - inappropriate usernames including those with insults, any with no text, any with swearing in them, promotions of drugs, lewd behavior, names of any terrorists or any other illegal associations, incitement to violence in any language,
     2.4.2. - inappropriate usernames including "admin", "moderator", "vtcw" etc. that may imply the user's attitude to the Administration of VTC.World.
  2.5. You can upload image size minimum of 240x240 pixels as an avatar.
         It is prohibited to use:
     2.5.1. images containing advertisements for third-party resources, that contain the images of politicians, both living and deceased, pornography, profanity or insults, propaganda of drugs, disorderly conduct, incitement to violence in any language;
     2.5.2. - emblems, symbols, insignia, or any other banned terrorist organizations.


3. Posting rules


Prohibited in any way, shape or form (signature, text, image, link):
  3.1. - profanity in any language, pornography, propaganda of drugs and indecent behavior, any third-party resources, incitement to violence, insults and aggression towards other users, including their nationality, religion, beliefs, etc.;

 3.2. - publications about the trading/selling of goods, profiles or services, announcements about the collection of funds for any kinds of services (for example, services that require payment for a subscriptions, servers, gambling sites, donations, etc.). This rule does not apply to publications posted or approved by the Project Administration of VTC.World.*
  3.3. - impersonating a member of the Administration;
  3.4. - sharing other user's personal information, e.g. phone numbers, address data, email etc.;
  3.5. - providing of information how to violate the law, including links to not licensed (pirated) software;
  3.6. - duplication or creation threads with the similar name or meaning, as well as the names "Help", "Pls help", etc., not carrying information about their contents;
  3.7. - posting messages not related to the topic, meaningless or repetitive messages with the purpose of raising the topic (spam);
  3.8. - use a font size that is different from the default (14), as well as excessive use of bold or coloured font (red is allowed only to representatives of the Administration).

  3.9. - publish videos without using a spoiler (All videos must be removed under the spoiler).
  3.10. - publication of screenshots and photos without using a spoiler, except for the 
first message of topic (All pictures, except the first message of topic, must be cleaned under the spoiler).
  3.11. - flashing GIF-files (there should not be excessive flickering, flashing, sharp changing of colors) or similar animations as an avatar or profile background. Smooth GIF animations are allowed.

  3.12. The official languages of the forum are Russian and English.

  3.13. In the English topics, the discussion should be conducted exclusively in English. This is done to create a friendly enviroment for those who don't speak the Russian language.
  3.14. Only Organizers are permitted to create topics related to "Events" section. If you have any questions related to this section contact Organizers directly.


4. Establishment and functioning Rules of VTC


  4.1. At least 5 (five) users is required to create VTC.
  4.2. Each VTC site must have a title, description, internal rules of the Company and a list of employees ( a direct link to a list), where each employee should have a direct link to their VTC.World profile.
  4.3. The new VTC name, its logo, the tag and the rules are prohibited to match or be similar to existing on the web, and must comply to the requirements listed in the rules (paragraph 3).
  4.4. There can not be more than 1 (one) Director and a maximum of 2 (two) alternates.
  4.5. VTC Leader has permission to appeal to the Administration portal with a request to provide a permanent channel for communication in accordance with the rules of the VTC.World Discord server.
  4.6. The Leader of any VTC may apply to the Administration portal with a request to remove another VTC, if it considers that its name, tag, logo, or rules violate its copyrights.

  4.7. Each VTC, in addition to the public page of the VTC forum, channels in the Discord, can create a closed subsection of the VTC.

      4.7.1. Only a Leader can be a owner closed subsection of VTC.

      4.7.2. Each company can have only one subsection of the VTC.

      4.7.3. Subsection VTC can be created only by a Leader of the VTC.

      4.7.4. Deputy Leader can not exceed two, according to paragraph 1.9 of these rules. The number of VTC moderators can not exceed four.

      4.7.5. Users of the forum can not be in more than one VTC.


5. Responsibility


  5.1. Any topic that does not meet the terms of paragraph 3 can be deleted and the user who committed that violation will be punished.
  5.2. Any VTC which is not complying with the rules of paragraph 4 may be closed and the VTC creator will be restricted the possibility of creating a new one.
  5.3. Any user violating the rules may receive a warning or ban, depending on the history of previous violations and the severity of the offense.
  5.4. A warning may be granted to the user directly in the subject line or by sending him a personal message.
  5.5. Failure to comply with the license agreement for use of software (VTCW client for Windows and mobile devices) entails a permanent ban on all resources VTC.World.


6. Additions and changes


  6.1. These rules may be amended or supplemented at any time by placing ads on the forum .

  6.2. These Rules are drawn up in the Russian language and may be provided to the User for review in another language. In case of discrepancies between the Russian version of the Rules and the version of the Rules in another language, the provisions of the Russian version of these Rules shall apply.
  6.3. Last modified: 07.01.2020

 * — New or updated rules


Translation: Zlobnyjkot

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