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  1. Happy birthday, my friend. Wish you much of success, health and dreams wich come true!

  2. [TR] Burho

    About the "perfect in every way" category

    The month-end statistics are clear and there is no need for an answer. Topic can be closed.
  3. [TR] Burho

    About the "perfect in every way" category

    Is there anyone who can answer
  4. [TR] Burho

    About the "perfect in every way" category

    I've made 2 successful deliveries on 07.10.2021. ( 523397 and 523413) I've been also given a red light ticket when I haven't got any cargo. Actually in that fine, i was passing through on a green light. I reported it but unfortunately, the result was negative on my side. The link of a report: https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/topic/3999-i-didnt-go-through-the-red-light/&tab=comments#comment-26080 When I looked at the daily statistics on 08.10.2021, I saw myself in the "perfect in every way" category. I'm very sure about it. However now that I'm looking at it, I can't see my ranking in any category, even though I have already got 2 successful deliveries. For example, when I look at the top 50 ranking in the "uncontrollable" category, there are 42 people in there. Shouldn't I be at least appear as the 43rd person on that list? Did something happen that day? Was my data from that day somehow deleted? To sum up; Can I be in the "perfect in every way" category when I get a penalty while i haven't got any cargo? Will I see myself in the "perfect in every way" category in monthly statistics? I would be glad if you could inform me.